Basic policy

CNCTOR JAPAN Inc. deeply acknowledges that our customers’ personal information is important in shaping privacy while conducting our business activities. When handling personal information in our operations, we establish internal regulations in compliance with laws and regulations related to personal information and for the purpose of personal information protection. Additionally, we organize our organizational structure and make efforts to appropriately protect personal information, thereby respecting and meeting the expectations and trust of our customers.

Acquisition, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information

We, as a company, identify the purposes of using personal information within the scope of our business activities and acquire, use, and disclose personal information fairly and appropriately to the extent necessary for achieving those purposes. Additionally, we take measures to prevent the use of personal information for purposes other than those for which it was acquired.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with laws and regulations related to personal information, guidelines established by the government, and other standards and social norms, striving to ensure the proper protection of personal information.

Proper Management of Personal Information

We are fully aware of the risks associated with personal information we handle, such as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage. We implement reasonable security measures and take appropriate corrective actions in the event of any issues.

Response to Inquiries

We handle inquiries from individuals regarding the personal information we handle, including disclosure, correction, usage suspension, and complaint resolution, in an appropriate manner.

Continuous Improvement

We establish management regulations and a management structure for personal information protection, thoroughly apply them across all employees, conduct regular reviews, and strive for continuous improvement in the personal information protection management system.

Enacted on July 2nd, 2020
Revised on September 25th, 2023

Representative Director, Yasuhiro Nakahama

Contact Information for Personal Information Protection Policy:
Personal Information Inquiry Desk
Address: 9F Shimbashi Square Building, 5-14-10 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan
Personal Information Protection Manager: Reimi Sakurada
TEL: 03-4226-8130

Handling of Personal Information

Our company is committed to the appropriate protection of personal information based on our “Personal Information Protection Policy”. We hereby provide the following information about the personal information that our company acquires or holds for business purposes.

(1)Name and address of the personal information handling business operator, and the name of the representative in the case of a corporation.

Business Operator: CNCTOR JAPAN Inc.
Representative Director: Yasuhiro Nakahama
Address:9F Shimbashi Square Building, 5-14-10 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan

(2)Name or Title, Affiliation, and Contact Information of the Personal Information Protection Manager (or their representative)

Personal Information Protection Manager: Reimi Sakurada
TEL: 03-4226-8130

(3)Purposes of Using Personal Information

The purposes for which our company uses personal information in its business activities are as follows

1 Retained personal data

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Customer InformationFor business management, communications, invoice, and payment management.
Employee InformationFor business related to employee management (operations, labor, and personnel management, salary and welfare operations, etc.).
Job Applicant InformationFor business related to recruitment (providing information related to hiring, making decisions regarding hiring, and contacting regarding hiring operations).
Retiree InformationFor contacting retirees and responding to inquiries from retirees.
Inquiry InformationFor responding to inquiries.
Information of the individual and their representative (when requesting disclosure, etc.)For responding to requests for disclosure, etc.

Additionally, we will use personal information for purposes as explicitly stated in writing.

2 Other acquired personal information

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Personal information obtained through entrusted operationsFor purposes such as contract and associated communication, performing entrusted tasks, and aftercare.
Information obtained from job search websitesFor assessing and notifying job applicants regarding their suitability for employment.

(4)Contact Desk for Personal Information Inquiries

For complaints, consultations, or inquiries regarding the handling of personal information, including those related to retained personal data, please contact the [Inquiry Contact Desk] below.

(5)Name of the Affiliated Certified Personal Information Protection Organization and Contact for Complaint Resolution


(6)Procedures for Disclosure, etc.

We promptly respond to requests for disclosure, etc. concerning retained personal data (notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition or deletion of content, suspension of use, elimination, suspension of provision to third parties, and disclosure of records of third-party provision) by the individual concerned. If desired, we will respond within a reasonable period and scope after confirming that the requesting party is the individual or their authorized representative.

(7)Methods and Contact Desk for Disclosure, etc.

For requests for disclosure, etc., concerning retained personal data, please contact the contact desk below. Once you have contacted us, we will send you our designated “Request for Disclosure, etc., of Retained Personal Data Form” by mail, FAX, email, etc. Please fill it out and enclose the necessary documents, then submit it by mail or email, etc. (The requester is responsible for the postage fee.) 

After confirming the identity of the individual (or their representative), we will respond in the desired disclosure method.

(8)Measures Taken for the Safe Management of Personal Information

We strictly handle personal information and have established regulations and guidelines for personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Policy in compliance with JIS Q 15001. We operate a personal information protection management system. To ensure the proper handling of personal information, we have implemented security measures from 4 perspectives: organizational, personnel, physical, and technical.

For specific details regarding security measures, please contact the [Inquiry Contact Desk] below.

【Inquiry Contact Desk】

Name of Contact DeskPersonal Information Inquiry Desk
Contact InformationContact Person: Reimi SakuradaAddress: 9F Shimbashi Square Building, 5-14-10 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004, Japan
Phone/FAX: 03-4226-8130